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Just a reminder. . .

We will begin discussion of Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood on February 15.

Our book for March 15 - April 15 will be Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen. I highly recommend that you also watch the movie of this book - while different, it's definitely worth seeing. Warning: it does contain strong language and extramarital sex as well as some - erm - disturbing content (medical/psyc stuff), but even with that I enjoyed it enough to buy my own copy. :)

For those interested, the soundtrack to the movie is also really cool. If you're into reading by music, you might want to look into it. See if you like it in the movie first.

I think you'll all enjoy this book. . .it's intense, but it's much slimmer than Atwood, and Kaysen is really a captivating writer, IMO.

I have found a fantasy novel - a recommendation from a friend - that I will be evaluating to replace the P.C. Hodgell I originally had on our list, as it's looking like that may be tough to get without going through a lot of used-book-finding hoopla just now. This book is also fantasy with a female protagonist by a female author, but it's much easier to get one's mitts on (right now it's shipping w/in 24 hrs from Barnes & Noble online). So we may be reading that soon. :) As soon as I have a chance to check it out (it arrives this coming week, according to schedule), I'll announce where we're going for a few months after Kaysen.

Thank you all for being here - have fun and keep reading! :D

Febobe :)
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