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Revised Schedule & An Update

OK. . .so it's taken me a bit longer than I planned.

I'm going to propose that due to the unforeseen delays plus the holidays, which will inevitably slow up at least a few of us, we take book one a little more slowly than planned, just while we get our sea legs about us. Translation: let's all try to finish reading Girl with a Pearl Earring by December 15th, at which point we can begin discussion. That's how I think we may be doing it - a couple of weeks to read; a couple to discuss, b/c I find it tougher to do the x-number-of-chapters per week thing and don't want us to get into a juggling act. If this proves too troublesome, we'll make some adjustments. :)

At this point, we actually have more like 3.5 weeks to read our current book, so this allows a little extra time. For anyone wishing to get a head start after that, our January book will be Autobiography of a Face by Lucy Grealy with an Afterword by Ann Patchett.

Any questions so far? :)

Thanks for your patience! :)

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